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ACOC Association of Comilla Old Cadets
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ACOC Advisor committee
Designation Cadet Name Email Phone
Advisor Basher (G-6, 1st) Md. Faizul Basher +8801833363920
Advisor Ashraf (T-11, 1st) Ashraf Hussain +8801199855953
Advisor Sarwer (T-66, 2nd) Md Golam Sarwer +8801819213313
Advisor Ehsan (T-102, 2nd) Ehsanur Rahman +447536347385
Advisor Saif (G-121, 3rd) Saif Ullah Munshi +8801711376343
Advisor Zahir (T-208, 4th) Mohammad Zahirul Islam +61450487931
Advisor Mamun (G-225, 5th) Mohammad Mamun Ur Rashid +8801746652244
Advisor Mohibul (M-441, 9th) S M Mohibul Hasan +8801713005656

Intake representative
Intake Cadet Name Email Phone
39th Ayaan (G-2018) Syed Yasir Ayaan 01921195579
36th Anas (M-1864) Ali Anas Mahmud 01730023471
35th Parvez (G-1817) Md. Parvez Mahmud Niloy +8801632002716
34th Sikder (M-1723) Md Najmujjaman Sikder +8801790101636
33rd Sayeed (G-1667) Sayeed Hasan Ovi +8801812815918
32nd Mehedi (M-1613) Md. Mehedi Hasan Prodhan +8801755404089
31st Mahaz (G-1589) Sheikh Nusrot Mahaz +8801311031623
30th Shaikh (T-1550) Sheikh Shaikh ul Islam 01730461550
29th Seym (G-1445) Hossain Mohammad Seym +8801684607145
28th Tausif (M-1419) Tausif -E- Elahi 01673770043
27th Mahin (T-1392) Ahmed Mahin +8801685129007
26th Tofayel (G-1326) Tofayel Ahmed Bhuiyan +8801511261326
25th Shoaib (M-1287) Abul Bashar Mohammad Shoaib +8801671372142
24th Noor (M-1192) Nurullah Patwary +8801720075715
23rd Atiqul Hoque (G-1188) Atiqul Hoque Baqi +8801749597887
22nd Raisul (T-1115) Raisul Mostafa +8801911433636
21st Rahat (G-1058) Rahat Chowdhury +8801678016004
20th Motiur (M-1011) Motiur Rahman Topu +8801717621159
19th Haider (T-932) Mominul Haider +8801716288950
18th Musab (T-923) Md. Musab Khalil +8801818462121
17th Mujib (M-860) Md. Mujibur Rahman Rony +8801717295312
16th Nayeem (G-809) Nayeem Sharafi
15th Zia (M-781) Md. Ziaul Haque Noman +8801912417378
14th Tanvir (M-682) Tanvir Mahmood Misho +8801730003555
13th Mashfique (M-634) Md. Mashfique Anwar +8801713012797
12th Akhter (T-575) Mohammad Akhter Alam Khan +8801714070308
11th Sayem (G-556) Kazi Sayem +8801913630737
10th Shoaib (G-500) Shoaib Ahmed Chowdhury +8801776197213
9th Nasim (T-422) Nur Nabi Nasim Ahmed +8801814652980
8th Sarwar (M-367) Mohammad Sarwar +15127097605
7th Mazhar (M-350) AKM Islam 01711346909
6th Sibbir (G-268) Sibbir Ahmed +8801769004671
5th Iqbal (T-259) Md Shamim Iqbal +8801741965431
4th Khawza (T-166) Khawza Ahmed +8801914328369
3rd Raihan (T-105) Raihan Kibria +8801819417956
2nd Arif (T-84) Arif Mohammad +8801715766319
1st Mostafiz (T-32) A.K.M. Mostafizur Rahaman +8801713049341
*All information is subject to change at any time without any prior notice.
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